Armor Gold Cables

Great tone, low noise, virtually indestructible

Handmade in the USA - Built to LastPremium instrument cables for guitar, bass, or keys.  Handmade in the USA.

No B.S. hype here, just proven components and solid design.  Polymer outer mesh, Amphenol plugs, double layer heat shrink... the ultimate in durability.  Plus our cables are quiet, flexible, affordable, and they sound great.


"I've always thought that there wasn't much, if any, difference in the sound of good, quality cables.  I've been using some popular brand cables for years and have been pleased.  A guitar player I work with gave me one of yours to check out at a gig.  In the noise of the venue I didn't hear a difference, but he said he did so he gave it to me.  Once I was home in my studio I A/B'd it with my other cables.  I could not believe the difference.  It was not subtle at all - deeper, warmer lows.  I was blown away.  Since I usually run a tuner in line to my amp I needed to order another to have one on each side of the tuner".  Tim S. from California

"I've been playing guitar for over 40 years, and always used the best cables I could buy at the local music stores.  I saw your cables in the Guitar Player magazine shoot out, and after visiting your web site there was no doubt that your cables were the ones to buy.  I work in a Metrology Lab where we calibrate cutting edge electronics, and know the advantages of using good cables.  Your cables are top notch in quality, durability, and sound.  Your sound is only as good as it's weakest link.  You can buy the best equipment available, but if you use cheap cables you are losing the tone that your equipment is capable of producing.  The end justifies the means, the better your equipment sounds the easier it is to achieve that ever elusive Tone we are all seeking, and isn't that what it's all about!  Thank you for your attention to detail, and making high performance cables that are affordable to us common folks".  Billy S. from Kansas

"I love the cables and have turned a couple of others on to them.  They sound great are incredibly durable and are very reasonably priced, plus they look cool as hell".  Shane T. from Boston, MA

"I use to use nothing but popular brand cables but they wear out and get cut or torn way too easily.  I LOVE the Armor Gold Cable I bought from you.  It's my 3rd and it is just as good or actually much better than the popular brand which costs considerably more and isn't worth it.  This cable gives me just as good sound and far better durability than any cable I've ever owned.  I LOVE this cable and the 20' doesn't effect the sound (at least to my ear) at all.  These are the best cables money can buy and I will never get rid of this one. It is by far the best, most durable cable I've ever owned and wouldn't trade it for any other cable made.  Thanks again for making such a great product at a price the average Joe can afford.  You guys ROCK"!!  Steve G. from Rochester, NY

"Got the order delivered Saturday, plugged them up, turned on my Hellhound, and hit an A# power chord.  Big smile. I think the amp actually hums less because of the cables.  Vast improvement over what I had.  Looks cool, sounds great, and built properly.  I will spread the word about the quality of your product and service among my co conspirators".   Mike M. from Tennessee

"These cables absolutely blow away the set of popular brand cables I have (..had).  Sounded great at last night's gig!  Couldn't be more pleased. Absolutely love these cables"!  Doug K. of Kauer Guitars

"I've had two 20' Armor Gold cables for about a year now and they are awesome.  They don't tangle up on me as I stomp all over the place, they are seemingly indestructible with that woven outer jacket, epoxied connections and double shrink wrapped ends, VERY well built, sound amazing and look bad-ass, to boot.  Sonically the (2) 20' sound more open and true than the two (popular brand) 10' cables I have been using.  I did an A/B comparison with my DAW and there really is a difference.  Open sound-field, punchy and warm with just the right bite.  I couldn't ask for a better cable and you'd be foolish to spend more on the other "musician's" cables out there.  Armor Gold: Look no Further".   Eric M. of voodooNOUVEAU and A Pale Horse Named Death

"It is a fine product, well engineered and well made".  Greg B. from Indiana

"I can't thank you enough for making such an awesome product.  We abuse the hell out of our stuff onstage and it's nice to know we have something that can take it and sound awesome...  Thanks for being good people.  It's rare these days.  You guys couldn't be more helpful".  Dean T. of Mammoth Thunderpower and Sungrazerr

"I'm really impressed with the cable.  Sounds really good, and feels super solid.  I'd like some more for a pedal or two and 2 for our bass player, he thinks they are pretty bad ass after trying one".  Adam of Blue Firus, Canada

"I'm amazed at the difference your cables have made!  I've spent big bucks on pedals, guitars and amps over my 40 years of playing, chasing that tone and the money I spent on your cables has yielded the best bang for the buck ever.  It's like someone lifted a blanket from my amp.  Everyone in the band commented on the improvement.".  Gary B. a Semi-Pro from New Mexico

"Just received your cable. I have two tube amps and live about a mile (crows flight) from a 50,000 watt am radio tower.  With any guitar I've used, humbuckers, single coils, or P-90's I get more talk radio out of my amps than I get guitar sounds.  I was almost on the verge of just buying a decent solid state amp, trying to solve it from there.  Next step would have been to paint all pickup cavities of all guitars with the anti-RF paint.  I got your cable and plugged it in, humbucker loaded guitar turned on the amp, I got nothing except guitar (at this point, I ran out into the yard, to see if maybe someone had blown up the giant tower, it was still there).  Next, switched to a single coil guitar... still just guitar.  So needless to say, I love your cables and I have been telling everybody I know just how really great they are (and really reasonably priced as well).  I'm a customer for life!  Thanks a lot for a really great product"!  Dale B. from Ohio

"You're cables made my Reverend Warhawk scream like a cat resting on a warm manifold!!  Love your stuff.  I tell everyone I know about your cables".  Charles R. from Arkansas

"I wanted to pass along that I love your cables!!!  I already had one instrument cable, one patch cable and one speaker cable.  During your recent sale I just added another instrument, speaker and several patch cables.  Interesting thing, I recently added a second 1 x 12 cab to my rig but I only had one Armor Gold speaker cable.  The cabs sounded different for sure.  One was crystal clear, the other kinda muddy.  Since adding the second speaker cable, they are both crystal clear!!!!  Amazing!!!  With the new cables my entire chain is Armor Gold and I am stoked!!!  My only regret is that I didn't buy more patch cables during the sale.  Thanks for the awesome product!!!  I have been an audiophile nut for many, many years and different cables do make a difference.  Your product brings the best out of my equipment.  Now if only my talent would catch up".   :)  Steve J. from California

"I just wanted to say that I received my package today and these cables are just amazing.  Thank you for making such a quality and affordable product.  These are better than any cable I've ever used before and I have definitely spent a lot of money on some high dollar cabling".  Ryan C. from New York

"The proof is in the pudding, all of a sudden I've got sonic detail and much higher fidelity".  Kevin M. from Los Angeles

"Your product does everything you said it would.  Zero color from my Strat through a vintage Twin Reverb, with stops along the way in compression town and overdrivesville.  If anything, these cables have balanced the signal in a way that has me using all five positions.  That's surprising from a neck position junkie.   Thanks for everything".  Joe D. from Florida

"We tested your guitar cable and I want to say that it's a GREAT product!  We compared it with different brands especially our favorite popular brand and yours is better"!  Alex V. from Russia

"I love the cables.  They sound great and my popular brand cables lay dormant in the backup box".  Tom B. from Florida

"The results are in with the band on your cables and they LOVE them remarking how much clarity they allow even when using their pedal boards...  You have a winner!!!!  Keep up the great work...  We are sold on Armor Gold Cables"...  Brian D. from Georgia

"The cables look and sound great.  The other guys in the band are thinking about getting some as well.  That speaker cable is a beast!  Thanks guys".   Steve P. from Australia

"Your cables rule!  They really help me get the tone I want and are tough as nails"!  David A. from California

"Having been a guitar player for 35 years now, I have gone through literally hundreds of cables.  In my research for the best possible tone, I've built a new rig, added true bypass capability and the finishing touches are the Armor Gold guitar cables.  Upon receipt of them today, I actually did a direct A/B/C comparison with other cables and without a doubt, these Armor Gold's are by far the most pleasant, clear, toneful cables I have ever used.  Volume is also improved.  There are highs I have not heard before, harmonics I did not think possible and the bottom end is sweet and mellow.  The midrange also sounds much fuller than before.  Using a Strat, a 335, or my 175, all sound vastly improved.  Coincidence?  I think not.  If you are into the best possible tone, check them out!".  Rob H. from Canada

"Got your speaker cables and they are outstanding.  They are like a Hummer and the other cables are like a small compact car".  Ed F. from New York

"We really get a lot of use out of our Armor Gold cables in our service department to repair and set up ukuleles and Ubasses.  With other cables, we were always second guessing the integrity of our sound, wondering "Is there an issue with the instrument or is it the cable"?  Armor Gold takes away that variable and helps transmit a clean, reliable signal.  We'll be ordering more for use at festivals and trade shoes like NAMM and Frankfurt. Keep up the great work"!  Jason V., Product Technician for Kala Brand Music Co.

"I got the cables.  They work great and look good as well.  Thanks for the priority shipping.  I'll order a 10' soon".  Mike H. from Florida

"You guys really have superior products and superior service.  The cables are extremely well made and sound great"!  Craig M. from Illinois

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