The verdict is in. Today was the first chance Craig (Bartock) had to put the cables to the test. After two back to back rehearsals, we can’t go back to our old cables anymore!! They are of the highest quality and sound great. No flaws whatsoever. We just decided we are going to use them for the Heart shows as well as the Ann Wilson solo shows, because they are that much superior in our opinion.
— Edward Mendoza (Guitar Tech for Heart)

Armor Gold has a mellow top end, sweet upper mids, and nice overall balance. This cord dishes out a slightly smoky flavor, which is great for rockers seeking more buttery tones.
— Guitar Player Magazine

The only cable that hooks me up.
— Larry Pascale (Recording artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist, engineer, producer) Armor Gold Cables are very good cables. Strong, great tone and handmade in the USA. See for more information. I used a Marshall JVM410H with a Suhr Classic. No pedals used.

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Got the Armor Gold cables and the New V-Pick Onyx Industrial Mesh Outer Layer - Extra layer of protective mesh prevents damage from stretching, pinching, bending, slicing, kinking and other common hazards of stage use.

Quick Review of my new Armor Gold cable. I'll do another one when I have enough time. Links to AG:

Alex from audiogold reviews Armor Gold Cables for their famous durability and quality. Built to last forever! 

導線,不再只是導線相信大家都見識過ARMOR GOLD CABLE的威力!! 出門在外居家旅行必備良線!!!沒彈吉他也可以買來打小三!!!!