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The same polymer outer mesh, Amphenol plugs, and double layer heat shrink as our award winning instrument cables. Handmade in the USA.

This cable features oversize Amphenol 1/4" plugs and 12 gauge wire (14 gauge on Right Angle).  This thick wire is durable and lowers resistance for wider frequency range and stronger signal strength.  The wire is encased in a protective PVC jacket, resulting in a cable that is close to a 1/2 inch thick!... yet it's still flexible and easy to coil up when storing.

The perfect upgrade for your amp/cabinet set-up when dependability and high sound quality are required.


Industrial Mesh Outer Layer - Extra layer of protective mesh prevents damage from stretching, pinching, bending, slicing, kinking and other common hazards of stage use.  This is NOT a cloth braid, it is a high tech polymer mesh commonly used in industrial and aerospace applications.

Amphenol Plugs - Professional grade and precision-engineered connectors that have stood the test of time. The choice of touring pros who depend on their proven reliability, durability, and strength.

Dual Strain Relief - First layer is a flexible grommet where the connector meets cable.  Second layer is a secured yellow heat shrink that extends past the grommet onto the cable for double protection against failure from flex strain.

Double Layer Heat Shrink - Two layers cover the plug.  The yellow layer provides strain relief to the cable and prevents the plug body from accidentally coming unscrewed.  The black layer prevents the yellow layer from cracking or slipping off and gives the plug a softer grip.

Resin Injected Connections  - After soldering, resin is injected between the hot and ground connections preventing them from contacting each other and shorting out.

PVC Outer Jacket - Thick but flexible jacket provides protection and excellent handling characteristics.

Conductive PVC Layer  - Reduces handling noise and provides extra protection against outside interference.

Polyethylene Wire Insulation - Extremely durable and reduces capacitance.

Limited Lifetime Warranty - All Armor Gold cables are warrantied against defective materials and/or workmanship.